Is Mink Hair Better Than Virgin Hair?

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Is Mink Hair Better Than Virgin Hair?

1. What Is Mink Hair?


MINK HAIR is a term applied to high-quality virgin hair, no animals are killed in the production of mink hair. Maybe the word of “Mink Hair” is a bit faddish, but it does correctly convey the sense of the softness, silkiness, and durability of mink hair.


Everyone seems to be a bit obsessed with mink hair. Let's put it this way, think of mink hair as a beautiful mink coat, but, only for your head. Full, luxurious, and extremely thick, now that's dream hair! Well, it's a reality now, the term mink hair refers to the highest quality of virgin hair.


The quality is great, and the durability is even more excellent! Mink hair color well, has a doubled stitch weft construction, is sourced from one donor, and flows in the same direction. Mink hair is one of the best textures for African American women. The texture is very full, very thick, has great body which emulates their hair perfectly, and this type of hair is versatile and will blend with all hair textures.


2. What Is Virgin Hair?


Let's be clear about VIRGIN HAIR. It is human hair from a single living donor that has never been subjected to any kind of chemical treatment. It was grown out by the donor without ever having been dyed or otherwise chemically processed. As a result, virgin hair is more versatile, is easier to work with, accepts new color more readily, and has a silky, natural feel. Mink hair just takes this quality to another level.


A single donor means all the human hair in the individual bundle is gathered and machine-made from the same person! Some may say this is not important, however, it is. Having a consistent curl pattern or color in your bundles allows your hair to look more natural and realistic. Who doesn't want that?