Can your hair grow with a sew in weave?

Posted by Alyson Richardson on

Can your hair grow with a sew in weave?

Hair weaves can do much more than make your hair look longer and thicker. Wearing a weave is also a smart way to protect your hair if you’re trying to gain length.

Protective styles take many forms, whether your hair is natural, relaxed or texturized. Braids and twists are popular options for natural ladies, but sew-in weaves work for anyone. Sew-ins are the most gentle way to add extension hair for long-term use. There’s no glue involved, so when it’s time to remove them, you don’t have to worry about losing hair as you pull them off.

How do these extensions protect your hair and allow you to retain growth?

1. They take the brunt of daily styling, so instead of exposing your own tresses to thermal tools, combing and brushing, your sew-in gives you the versatility you want without damaging your hair.
2. Your ends, the oldest and usually driest parts of your hair, are out of sight under your sew-in, allowing them to remain moisturized instead of growing brittle.

Since sew-in weaves are usually attached to a cornrowed base, you’re already wearing one protective style under another.  One other way your hair remains protected is with the use of color if you like going lighter. Bleaching hair to achieve a much brighter shade can seriously damage your own tresses. However, a weave can be any color you desire, and you’ll never to worry that your hair suffers through a harsh coloring process.  To gain the most benefits from using a sew-in as a protective style, remember that you must still practice good hair care while wearing a weave. You’ll need to be especially diligent about cleansing your scalp since it’s harder to reach through the extensions and cornrows.