How Long Does HD Lace Last?

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How Long Does HD Lace Last?

A HD (high definition) lace closure is a very thin invisible lace closure. It is very popular now because it is very undetectable. 

How is the HD lace different from the transparent and the brown lace closure?

These all differ in color and thickness. The Brown lace closure has brown tint and is very thick. This closure will last the longest of the three. The Transparent lace closure has a see through lace. The color of the lace is almost white in color and great for lighter skinned tones. It is not as thick as the brown lace and not as thin a s the HD lace. The HD lace is an invisible lace. The lace is so thin it normally comes frayed at the ends. It is very delicate and should be handled with care.

Because the HD lace is so thin, you have to be careful when plucking. If not plucked properly, the lace can tear or rip, leaving holes in your closure or frontal.

How long does the HD lace last?

The HD lace will last no longer than 2-3 months because of the thinness of the lace.

What is the best type of lace?

The best type of lace for durability is the brown lace closure. It will last the longest out of the three. However, the Hd lace is the best type if you want an undetectable lace closure or frontal.

How much does a HD lace cost?

A HD lace will range anywhere from $60-$200 depending on length, size and brand.