Do You Have To Bleach HD Lace?

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Do You Have To Bleach HD Lace?


HD lace wigs are hairpieces made with HD lace which are hard to detect by other people. They are the latest trend of wigs on the market.

Why is HD lace?

HD lace

Instead of choosing normal lace, people prefer HD lace. The reason for this is that HD lace for wig making is super thin and lightweight. It offers a soft and smooth look and feels. Hence, it gives users a more natural look than the normal one.

That why many of you may see your hairline is invisible and undetectable, HD lace matches so well with your scalp. And due to its perfect look, you do not need to bleach or dye them as well. It is amazing, right?


    What are the common types of HD lace wigs for sale?

    Being the brand-new arrival wig, there are 3 common texture for HD lace wigs for sale: straight, wave, and curly.

    In case you want to create your own style, we suggest you buy an HD lace wig with straight hair because it is 100%human hair, you can curl or bleach and dye them to any hairstyle you desire in the best way.