What type of hair is better brazilian or peruvian?

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What type of hair is better brazilian or peruvian?

Both Brazilian Human Hair and Peruvian Human Hair are completely suitable for African-American women, demands for these two types are increasing, they can provide women a good looking appearance, make their face more delicacy.

The difference between Brazilian Hair Weave and Peruvian Hair Weave is:

1, Peruvian Human Hair weave bundles is a little coarser and thicker in texture than Brazilian human hair.

2, The texture of the Brazilian hair bundles is luxurious and soft, with the feature of durability and density.

3, When virgin Brazilian human hair sew in, you may needn’t use many bundles when you want the hair having a full look because of the density.

4, Regarding the Peruvian Human Hair, the curly texture becomes more curly when wet or washed.

5, Brazilian human hair extensions is more available for any color dyed and various textured styles. It is more soft to touch and comfortable to wear.